What is the science behind the Safety In Motion® System?


SIM System

Proprietary intellectual property designed to proactively prevent common musculoskeletal injuries both on and off the job.


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Safety In Motion® is more than a “canned” training program.

We believe learning should be specific and continuous. Action after education is an integral component of behavior change. SIM integrates with other tools in your safety tool box to effectively drive culture change for sustained results.

Continuous Improvement Process



Since 1995, Safety in Motion, Inc. has been a leader in the management and prevention of common musculoskeletal injuries.

Our client list includes many Fortune 500 companies. Clients regularly report significant reductions in soft tissue injuries using our consulting, physical techniques, and training methods. Our success is based on both training and action. Through physical demonstrations during training, employees experience how small changes in physical technique significantly reduce the risk factors that lead to unnecessary stress and strain. We then help them relate that experience into real life practical applications in both workplace and off the job activities. Safety In Motion, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

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